Design your body to be functional.

“Sharing the “Extraordinary Experience” with everyone who is curious about transforming into the best version of themselves, both in body and mind, is my greatest joy.”

Chinatsu's Vinyasa Flow is a creative form of yoga that is informed by anatomical knowledge and an energetic healing approach.

Her previous meditation and traditional Japanese tea ceremony practice inspired her to explore Vinyasa flow as a moving meditation. During daily yoga practice she found herself centered and full of the positive life force energy: Prana. Yoga practice guided her to a deeper, more purposeful life.


While having international success as a commercial interior designer in Tokyo she had a cancer diagnosis that started a life altering holistic journey that led her to California in 2010. She quickly settled into a daily life rich with mindfulness and soon became a dedicated yogi.

Chinatsu completed 500 RYT and Yin 50 training with Bianca Amelie Fearon at Yogaworks to share her “Extraordinary Experience” (Sutra 1.20) with others – to lead them beyond their limiting thoughts and beliefs and into a space of power and creation. She now continues deepening her practice with Joan Hyman, who has expanded her belief of what yoga can offer.


Yoga is all about healing, physically, mentally and spiritually

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