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Chinatsu Kambayashi

Chinatsu is utilizing her decades of commercial interior styling experience to bring local spaces a tailored and unique design experience.


   When building or decorating a space, people often think the design of the house will fall into place with the right paint color, the width of crown molding, the height of the windows, or the type of flooring they use.  But we have all been to homes that are exquisitely crafted and still feel stark and empty. So how do you style your business space to tangibly represent your brand?


   Chinatsu understands how to bring all of those elements together harmoniously in a designer’s gestalt vision.  She naturally and artistically curates every aspect of her life in this way. A Tokyo native, she began her career as an editor for a fashion and lifestyle magazine; she styled photo shoots and eventually branched out as a freelance stylist.  In 2000 Chinatsu and an architect friend founded Jamo associates Ltd. They began working together all over Japan, constructing and styling multi-million dollar projects. Chinatsu’s eye for design, natural talent, and unmatched work ethic made her an international success.  She travelled around the globe to consult on interior design projects. Her value laid in her ability to read each client, to hear their dream for a space or the intention of their brand and mirror it with texture, fabric, lighting, and artwork.


   For ten years, Chinatsu was an internationally-celebrated, highly-demanded interior stylist.  In 2010, her life was altered abruptly - she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought hard, enduring treatments and invasive surgery, and eventually opted for a more holistic healing approach.  She worked more mindfully, became conscious of how to eat, moved more, and became a dedicated yogi. While spending most of her time in California with her sister and friends, she embraced a slower, more purposeful life.  Chinatsu’s cancer battle transformed her outlook on life and work, and she’s now put that into projects. She consults for solution by design and visual works, styles photo shoots and event, and showcase a more intentional, meaningful way of life.  


    Whether you’re looking for a French-Renassiance-inspired dining room, an organic zen garden, or beachy-chic apartment, Chinatsu knows which furniture, textiles, and colors are needed to actualize your vision.  As a successful business owner, she understands brand awareness and how to make evident through design. She transforms  spaces to be ready for the market; she internalizes each purpose and intention and brings them to life with a uniquely artistic eye, patient disposition, and world-renowned interior styling experience.


   Chinatsu is a strong believer in the influence one’s environment can have on our well-being.  With her design philosophy and vast experience, she has truly elevated the study of interior creativity to levels.  She brings an authentic, soulful touch to her creations, drawn from her renewed lifestyle beliefs.

2019 -  Founder of Studio Early Birds, Tokyo

2019 - 200 Hour Yoga Training Diploma, Yogaworks, RYT Yoga Alliance

2017 -  Founder of Studio Early Birds, California

2016 -2018  Slow Flower Life project with Green Wise

2014    Book I found it! : Little Treasures Of The World  by Space Shower Books

2012-2014  Retail store Early Birds, in Kamakura

2000-2017  Co-founder of interior design studio, Jamo Associates Co.,Ltd. , Tokyo

1999 -  Freelance Interior stylist & editor

1998 -1999  Fashion & lifestyle magazine Gap editor & Stylist

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