Let's Yoga

With Studio Early Birds


Chinatsu Kambayashi

500 RTY Yoga Instructor / Meditator


Quiet the Mind, Release the tightness
Slow Flow Vinyasa 75 minutes + Breath Work & Meditation 15 minutes

Energy is medicine and can help alleviate sluggishness and heaviness in the body and mind so you can feel the freshness of energy flow. Take a big inhale and release the blockages physically and mentally and exhale out any stress and find ease in your body.

Practice helps us to cultivate tapas (purifying fire) by holding the postures and creating a focused state to help us let go. Release tension held in the body which leads to quiet in the mind.  

We will practice slow flow vinyasa especially designed for the heart and mind opening. The practice will include yin postures, breaking down the sun salutes, learning basic breathing techniques, and exploring meditation. You will learn how to cultivate a healing place in your daily practice. You will feel more centered grounded and supported when you leave this workshop and learn how to heal through your yoga practice! Let's breath together and release!



Slow Flow Vinyasa    60/75 minutes

Vinyasa                   60/75 minutes

Yin Yoga                  60/75 minutes

+ Breath Work & Meditation 15/30 minutes