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About me


Chinatsu Kambayashi

Chinatsu is a strong believer in the power of own "space".  Both space inside ourselves and space as oneʼs environment create our reality. They influence our "Wholeness = Health".

Chinatsu was an internationally celebrated, highly demanded interior designer and stylist. In 2010, her life was altered abruptly - she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She fought hard, enduring treatments, invasive surgery, and eventually opted for a more holistic healing approach. She changed her daily life more mindfully, became conscious of how to eat, sleep, move, even think and became a dedicated yogi. After moving to California and spending time with her sister and yogi friends, she embraced a more purposeful life. Chinatsuʼs experience with cancer transformed her purpose of life.  She now put that new outlook of life into her work and play.

With yoga, Chinatsu internalizes each purpose and intention and brings them to life with a uniquely artistic sense, patient disposition, and creates healing space in classes and private sessions, workshops
. Designing body and mind space is also incorporated with her interior design and visual directions.


500 hours Teacher Training / 50 hours Yin Training

at Yogaworks, El Segundo California

by Bianca Amelie Fearon


300 hours Teacher Training including hours

in Goa India, Zihuatanejo Mexico

by Joan Hyman at School of. Yoga



Vinyasa Flow ( Based on Ashtanga + Iyengar )

Yin & Restorative


Pranayama ( Breathworks )


Yoga for Healing

Yoga + Mentoring

In-person / Online experience


Wellness Design & Branding
Interior Design & Styling
Graphic Design

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