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About Us

We at Studio Early Birds are very aware of the influence one’s environment can have on the body and mind, and our mission is to make the world a more thoughtful and positive place through this connection.

As a creative studio based in the South Bay , and Tokyo. whose goal is to help our community thrive, we offer the following skill sets: interior styling and design, professional photography, graphic design, and creative direction.  With multiple disciplines under our belt, we look forward to working on diverse projects, from smaller, specialized designs to larger scale comprehensive projects.


Our work involves much more than simply making everything pretty: we consider design as an extension of the innate function each space embodies, and a physical calculation on how to best guide people through a space.  What sets us apart is our strong conviction in the belief that the right setting can uplift the human spirit, and our dedication to design for the good of the people.  


Whether you are a business, a creative group, charity, or any other type of local organization, feel free to contact us. We are excited to help our local environment and are open to any type of project that synergizes with our ideology.  Whether you’d like to commission, collaborate, or just talk, we here at Studio Early Birds are happy to interact with our community!

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