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Designing For Your "Slow" Living

Slow living is an international philosophical movement that advocates for long term goals and practices as both consumers and creators. These choices are to offset harm that large-scale industries create through compromised and rapid production, which may come back to harm us, as both consumers and inhabitants of this earth.

Consumers and creators alike who opt for slow living do so through a wide variety of focuses catered towards their individual sustainable happiness: environmental health, spiritual growth, physical health and societal well-being. Slow Food, for example is an increasingly famous culinary philosophy for slow living, and even more recently, Slow Flower has joined the slow living movement as a campaign to appreciate locally-based and organic flower gifting.

We at Studio Early Birds lead the creative direction for Slow Flower, a campaign for the oldest Japanese gardening nursery in 2017-2018. We believe that when we take it slow, we see the world differently. We might then remember that we coexist on a beautiful world of living things and loving people.

Slow living is a way to appreciate the beauty in this world by taking the time to notice positive aspects, big or small. From the kindness of other people, to nature, to ourselves, there is much in this world to be proud of. That is what life is all about! We design based on this philosophy:

Take it slow.

As designers, we realize that our current industry is often at odds with the principles of slow living- but we don’t think they have to be. That is why we are working to find the right balance between creation and sustainable living. When things are made quickly for a fast profit, they often haven’t been through the best design process, and are therefore bad designs. We work to avoid that by designing for longevity. Often, that means designing for minimalist lifestyles, or with larger intentions in mind. By the latter, we mean that we aim to design in ways that connects individuals to communities and other environments to create meaningful experiences.

From the Tesla to artisan jewelers, high end responsible consumerism appears to be a strong incentive for people to make positive and ethical investments. That’s why it’s important as a consumer to choose the companies whose actions and values align with yours; in a way, it’s like casting a vote for their way of progress. This can mean supporting artisan designers directly, or working with the right organizations to find your perfect designer.

Innovation does not necessarily need to be harmful, and we as a people have the power to elevate our society to a newer level of quality of life for everyone. We just have to be mindful of how we view progress.

Photo : Slow Flower decoration at Artisan Table by Dean and Deluca

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