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We Believe...

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

...that powerful spaces and colors affect our emotions and well-being.

We are very aware of the effects a space can have on the body and mind, and our work is to make the world a more positive place by embracing the benefits of this connection.

Studio Early Birds is a creative studio based in the South Bay that strives to help others thrive through the skill sets we offer: interior styling and design, professional photography, graphic design, and creative direction. These fields of study are interconnected and all integral to maintaining a consistent impression of a company’s brand to be perceived by both workers and consumers alike. We can offer constructive creative changes to your space through a holistic approach through our multiple specialties.

Chinatsu Kambayashi, the studio founder and an established designer with global, multi-million dollar projects under her belt, has decided after some life-changing decisions that her real calling is to bring her talents to her community and inspire a better sense of belonging and thoughtfulness to local businesses and organizations.

Design is not just a way to make things pretty. Through visual, tactile, and spatial curating, we work hard to assure that our work is much more: an extension of the innate function each space embodies, and a physical calculation on how to best guide people through a space. We calculate everything, from colors, textures, brand aspects, and so much more to bring the appropriate emotions to each project.

Ask us to make the world by creating more spaces that people want to thrive and enjoy being in. A fitting professional space can boost workers’ moods, invite in more customers. Much of our lives is dedicated to working in a professional environment, so why not treat that environment similarly to how one would treat their home? All spaces should be livable, and easy to feel welcome in.

What sets us apart is our strong conviction in the belief that the right setting can uplift the human spirit, and our dedication to design for the good of the people. Our studio genuinely cares about providing this earth with work to benefit humanity while always bearing in mind our responsibility to the natural environment and societal issues.

Whether you are a business, a creative group, charity, or any other type of local organization, feel free to contact us so that we may discover together how to bring harmony to your living space. We are excited to help our local environment and are open to any type of project, as long as it is synergetic with our ideology.

If you’d like to learn more about our specializations, please peruse our past projects for a sense of what we do and what it means to design from different perspectives. Whether you’d like to commission, collaborate, or just talk, we here at Studio Early Birds are happy to interact with our community.

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