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Yin - online

Happy Sleep, Happy Life!

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 2 US dollars
  • Online Class

Service Description

By holding a pose 4-10 minutes with targeting on our joints, fascia, ligaments to open slowly and gently. It helps flexibility in both the body and mind. For all levels plus always there are restorative pose options. Unheated/Mild heat (80-84 degree). Quieter aspect to yoga can introduce us to the possibility of physical, emotional, mental equilibrium by marring the softer, contemplative modes of being in life to there stronger activities we are so often compelled by. Yin is a dark, negative and wet side of our being that makes our body ready to rest. It relaxes our muscles, and releases resistance in our body and mind. Yin side of yoga practice is super powerful if we acknowledge the holistic benefit. In modern life, (in a city like Los Angeles) there is so much Yang, strong masculine positive bright energy, constantly. Yin perspective of yoga practice will balances us out harmoniously. When we have harmony within, we feel light and open, rejuvenated and renewed, and centered and grounded. We can sleep better, communicate better, and any types of relationship gets easier with a fulfilled heart.

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