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Past Workshop

Intention Flow

New Year's Day Special Class

January  1st 10:00a - 11:30a      423 Yoga Studio, Redondo Beach, California

Join Chinatsu in honoring ourselves and setting intentions for 2023. Traditionally, January 1st represents a time for renewal. New Year's day we fill up with powerful and pure intentions for the new year cycle.  Hot tea and cookies in our 423 Yoga Lounge after our practice. Bring your family and friends!

Here's what to expect:

Breath work

Set intentions

Yin Pose

Vinyasa Flow

Playtime with or without Inversions


NYD Intention FLow Image

Past Workshop

Yin Yoga with Sound Healing

Special class for thanksgiving month!

November 12th 4:00p - 5:30 p      Kefi Yoga Studio, Torrance California

Gratitude is always in season but especially this month!  Bring out the transformative power of a grateful heart combined with acute awareness of the mind, body & spirit connection through movement and meditation at Kefi Yoga with Chinatsu Kambayashi & live accompanist Lisa Jordan.

We will begin with setting your intention for your practice. Chinatsu will move you through a series of Yin postures focused on opening up the spaces in our bodies where we hold energy that blocks the feelings of gratitude. Lisa Jordan will provide sound healing throughout playing the Ocean Drums, Zaphir Chimes and Tibetan Sound Bowls.  Combined, these healers will move you into a state of relaxation where you can let go of old patterns and work with new intentions.  You will emerge rested and grounded in gratitude.  Please join us with your loved ones.

Lisa Jordan @lisajordan_healingarts


Past Workshop

"Feel Amazing" Workshop

90 minutes of using yoga to feel good with Chinatsu!


August 20th  |  September 24th | December 10th (Canceled)


4p - 5:30 p    @ Kefi Yoga Studio, Torrance California

Yoga rejuvenates and empowers us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This blissful workshop will leave you strong, centered, open and clear.  Chinatsu has personally healed through her Asana and meditation practice. During this workshop, she will share her tools and extensive experience using them to feel good! When you leave this workshop, you will feel like you just left the spa at your favorite resort!

She will start with easy stretching and then head to Sun Salutations to gradually open. She will incorporate longer holds (4-6 minutes) in some Yin poses to cleanse your body and mind, and cultivate a meditative status. Once you reach the point of calmness, your body will be ready to heal.  She will move into pranayama (breath work) to emphasize its benefit in restorative poses. Then she will close with a short meditation.  You will leave the workshop renewed and take the benefit of your work with you.

Yoga is quite an internal journey.  When you build that status, your body and mind heal automatically.  Let yoga deepen your tools that form the very foundation of well-being for your life. Let yoga be just like going to spa for your mind, body and soul!


Asana - 80%

Pranayama & Meditation- 10%


Practice yoga has brought me not only physical functional benefit that I needed, it was beyond of any experience I ever have.

- I am connected with body and mind.

- I feel younger and more energetic every day in past 20 years

- I have gained mental stability, strength intuition and spiritual growth.

Together we reach our life resource and


Live fully from our heart. Live fully how you wish.

Let's yoga!


Class / Workshop

“Your body lives in the past, your mind in the future.
They come together in the present when you practise Yoga.”

- B.K.S. Iyengar


Chinatsu’s rare combination of calm and empowering teaching style creates a peaceful environment enabling you to connect to your soul through your practice. Her traditional meditation practice and Japanese origin invite simplicity and meaningfulness to her offerings. Her athleticism, developed as a teenage Junior Olympic swimmer, brings intuitive flow in both her energetic Vinyasa and meditative Yin class. She has two decades of experience managing space energy as a commercial interior designer, adding delightful creativity her teaching. It’s a perfect blend of many different essences merging beautifully with western anatomical knowledge and wisdom. She believes calmness is how we human beings innately are designed and the practice of yoga guides us back there. You will leave your practice with a strong connection to your body and feel rooted in your truth.

Chinatsu’s devotion to yoga started when she relocated to California from Tokyo in 2010 during her recovery from cancer. Shortly after, Yoga and Anti-inflammation diet replaced her intensive medical treatments and helped her to become aware of her fascinating self-healing ability . Yoga became her teacher of life. Her personal experience of holistic remedies brings therapeutic aspects into her practice. She has a mindful, slow lifestyle in the sun-kissed beach town Redondo Beach, where she shares her “extraordinary experience” to those who expand and transform their lives with confidence, strength, freedom and flexibility in life.


Chinatsu completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training that is registered with Yoga Alliance, 500 RYT, and 50 hours Yin training with Bianca Amelie Fearon at Yogaworks. Currently, she is deepening her practice with her mentor, Joan Hyman, at School of Yoga. She recently completed an additional 25 hours of Kosha Training in Mexico. Chinatsu creates a positive place to support all levels of students to transform body mind and beliefs.


" I am truly grateful to share what I have experienced through my healing Journey. Transformation requires patience, consistence, self love & compassion and the ability to let go. Trust the process!“ 



- Chinatsu

What to bring to your first yoga class?
Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
It is recommend to eat 1-2 hours before practice.
If you skip meal, bring snacks or bars with you!
※  Wear something you can easily move your body in.
※  Face Mask is not required.

Specialities & Experience

Vinyasa Flow

Yin + Restorative

Yoga for healing

Yoga for grif

Store and Restore

Park Yoga!

Absolute Beginners


Breast Cancer Support


Yoga is remarkable in its capacity to transcend the beliefs and attitudes of its origins. .. enhance the quality of our lives.
- Joel Kramer (Yoga Journal Nov/Dec 1981)

Are you looking to deepen your practice by better understanding of the practice and the proper alignment?
Do you need some undivided attention to detail and benefit?
Perhaps you are looking to hire a yoga instructor for your employees or clients?
Please contact me, this is what I am passionate about.


Thanks for submitting!


Why is the name of studio,

Early Birds :

The Early Birds was named after her pop up lifestyle store in Kamakura, Japan which Chinatsu was the director of the gift boutique. “The early bird catches the worm” is well-known definition carries one of tips of the "successful life". Success isn't about our career, monny, fame and social status, it is about how much we are fulfilled with daily life in front of us, including your health and any kind of relationships. She believes if we have a fresh great feeling in every morning, you are keeping a best version of yourself with a full potential of being. We would feel harmonious balance in all aspects of life. So, if your daily decision is made for how we can wake up early with that amazing feeling in body, mind, it creates a success of life. She wished all her thought, words, messages and creations will being that happiness and freedom to everyone who is interested in that design.

Fashion and Hospitality Design into Design for Wellness

2017 Studio Early Birds was launched in a small beach town in the South Bay region of California for her personal design and creation.  It was launched as a creative design studio that brings wellness into interior “space”. The founder, Chinatsu, has been using her commercial interior styling / design experience and managing skill at her first design studio, Jamo Associates in Tokyo, which a studio she co-founded her early 20's, to tailor space and design projects for positive fulfilled living.

When building or decorating a space, people often think the design of the house will fall into place with the right paint color, the width of crown molding, the height of the windows, or the type of flooring they choose. We have all been to homes that are exquisitely crafted and still get stark and empty feeling. Chinatsu understands how to bring all of the elements such as light, fragrance and energy flow together harmoniously in a intuitional gestalt vision.  She naturally and artistically curates every aspect of her life in this way.  With her talent, she can show you how do you style your “space” or project to represent who you are and what your needs.

In 2018,  Studio Early Birds led an Organic Flower Project and showcased it at the biggest international interior design fair, Salon Del Mobile, in Milan, Italy, team up with one of the oldest nurseries in Tokyo, Green Wise. Shortly after we directed and designed lifestyle & fashion store, The store by C', curated arts and vintage furniture for their main street store in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Design Body, Mind and "Space"

When we hear "space", what do you image about? After 20 years of interior design, her interest has shifted into "space" within

After 20 years of yoga practice, Yoga has become big part of Chinatsu’s life, as a especially after she took Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training at Yogaworks, El Segundo, California. Chinatsu has deepened her connection with yoga through daily yoga practice and participation in yoga retreats, workshops and trainings in South America and India.  By her dedication to yoga, she has found importance of “space” inside of our body and mind, which create our mood, thoughts, perspective to define our reality. Since 2020, she has began to share her personal wellness journey though yoga to the local community in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.


She help your design of body, mind and space as a  

We are excited to share Chinatsu’s wisdom and skill from her own design for your wellness journey. We look forward to you joining us through yoga and design to create a wellness community that is resilient. Let us walk together!

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