Mind Body Design
With Chinatsu Kambayashi


Practice yoga has brought me not only physical functional benefit that I needed, it was beyond of any experience I ever have.

- I am connected with body and mind.

- I feel younger and more energetic every day in past 20 years

- I have gained mental stability, strength intuition and spiritual growth.

Together we reach our life resource and


Live fully from our heart. Live fully how you wish.

Let's yoga!


Class / Workshop

More you seek, more you see. More you see, More you seek..
- Lisa Walford


Chinatsu’s rare combination of calm and empowering teaching style creates a peaceful environment  to connect to your soul through your practice. Her traditional meditation practice and Japanese origin invite simplicity and meaningfulness to her offerings. Her athleticism developed during training as a teenage Junior Olympic swimmer, brings intuitive flow in both her energetic Vinyasa and meditative Yin class. She has two decades of experience managing space energy as a commercial interior designer which adds a delightful creativity in her teaching. It's a perfect blend of many different essences that merge beautifully with western anatomical knowledge and wisdom. She believes through calmness is how us human beings innately are designed and the practice of yoga can guide us there. You will leave your practice with a strong connection to your body and feeling rooted in your truth.

Her devotion to yoga started when she relocated to California from Tokyo, in 2010 during her recovery from breast cancer. Shortly after, Yoga and Anti-inflammation diet replaced her intensive medical treatments and helped her to become aware of her fascinating self-healing ability . Yoga became her teacher of life. This is her personal experience of holistic remedies bring therapeutic aspects in her practice. Now she has a mindful slow lifestyle in sun-kissed beach town, Redondo Beach, sharing her “extraordinary experience” to those who expand on transformation of what into confidence, strength, freedom and flexibility in life.

Chinatsu completed 500 RYT and Yin 50 hours training with Bianca Amelie Fearon at Yogaworks in 2019 - 2020. Currently, she is deepening her practice with her mentor, Joan Hyman, at School of Yoga. She recently completed an additional 25 hours of Kosha Training in Mexico. Chinatsu continues to create a positive place to support all levels of students to transform their body mind and belief systems.


" I am truly grateful to share what I have experienced through my healing Journey. Transformation requires patience, consistence, self love & compassion and the ability to let go. Trust the process!“ 



- Chinatsu


Open Heart, Open Mind!    


May 15   4 -5:15 p.m.  Kefi Yoga 

Take this chance to learn how to embody your natural healing power in your daily yoga practice.  The modern world creates restless energy around us and because of this, We often forget how calm and peaceful life can be. Chinatsu will guide you into a safe space with her confidence she has gained from her own practice. In this workshop, we will start with short meditation followed by a slow flow then ending with breath work. You will learn tools to let go what you can’t change, and gain tools to help you feel safe to stay open to the unknown. To have peace in mind helps our  body feel light and bright. This is how you feel coming out of this workshop. Take your partner, family and friends with you. It’s will be a true deep bond between!

Asana - 80%
Pranayama & Meditation- 10%

What to bring to your first yoga class?
Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
It is recommend to eat 1-2 hours before practice.
If you skip meal, bring snacks or bars with you!
※  Wear something you can easily move your body in.
※  Face Mask is not required.

Specialities & Experience

Vinyasa Flow

Yin + Restorative

Yoga for healing

Yoga for grif

Store and Restore

Park Yoga!

Absolute Beginners


Breast Cancer Support


Yoga is remarkable in its capacity to transcend the beliefs and attitudes of its origins. .. enhance the quality of our lives.
- Joel Kramer (Yoga Journal Nov/Dec 1981)


Are you looking to deepen your practice by better understanding of the practice and the proper alignment?
Do you need some undivided attention to detail and benefit?
Perhaps you are looking to hire a yoga instructor for your employees or clients?
Please contact me, this is what I am passionate about.

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