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Our mind creates our reality.

Creating beautiful space within means creating beautiful reality in front of us. Yoga can be a powerful tool to maintain tranquility  inside of our body. Yoga can create peace in mind which leads to confidence, happiness with right decisions in our reality. It is my greatest joy to share my own wellness journey with you.

Weekly Schedule



Private Classes

7:30-9a / 2-6p


Heated 93 degree




Private Classes


Group Online Class


Yin + Restorative




heated 93 degree


Private Classes



Practice with Chinatsu

Chinatsu’s rare combination of calm and empowering teaching style creates a peaceful environment enabling you to connect to your soul through your practice. Her traditional meditation practice and Japanese origin invite simplicity and meaningful ness to her offerings. Her athleticism brings intuitive flow in both her energetic Vinyasa and meditative Yin class. She has two decades of experience managing space energy as a commercial interior designer, adding delightful creativity her teaching. It’s a perfect blend of many different essences merging beautifully with western anatomical knowledge and wisdom. She believes calmness is how we human beings innately are designed and the practice of yoga guides us back there.
You will leave your practice with a strong connection to your body and feel rooted in your truth.

Calm Within.


Workshop & Event

Workshops, event and special classes are great way to explore intentions and capacity with intense bursts of information. You might spend hours focusing on a few poses to experience deeper. You might discover that less is more. Stepping out of a comfortable routine can help your body and mind be more open.
It will be a fun opportunity to practice with other yogis who have the same interests. Building yogi friends circles support your practice, expand your life even more!


Private Flow by authentic method of Ashtanga*, Iyenger* and modern style Yin* combinations.  It is a personalized flow for your needs.   The class can serve multiple purposes such as strengthening your practice, athlete training, flexibility, rest & restore, holistic healing, menopause, insomnia, supporting cancer journey, self realization, metabolism, posture, or just to get flowing wherever you wish!

One to one / Small Group / Group

Travel Yoga Club - Joining in a exciting group.

Private Flow


Chinatsu will walk through daily practice with you for your personal needs and wishes. This is a great way to deepen your daily practice and bring yoga philosophy into daily life.
The first in-person/online 30 minutes consultation session will tailor each program for purpose and needs. It is a monthly commitment with a weekly 60 minute online session with daily homework .

One Month / Three Month



Student at 423 Yoga, CA

"Chinatsu is a beautiful yogi and teacher.
Her class will challenge you, get you into shape and bring you transcendental peace.
What more could you ask for?"

Let's yoga.

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